Related Courses

Energy Auditors need to be knowledgeable about all of the heath and safety issues that impact the people living in the home.  Weatherization work can make air quality problems worse.  For that reason, you may want to consider some additional training.

Radon Measurement
Radon gases have been shown to cause cancer.  If air sealing work is done in the weatherization process, it may raise radon levels in the home.  Energy Auditors can test radon levels when they assess potential safety issues in the home.  They can also retest after weatherization work has been completed, ensuring that levels are still safe for occupants.

For additional information on radon measurement, visit www.learnradonmeasurement.com.

Mold Inspection
A lack of ventilation can result in moisture build up and mold growth.  Energy Auditors need to look for evidence of mold and modify their recommendations based on those findings.  Professional Home Inspection Institute offers a complete mold package that will teach you the basics of mold inspection and remediation for residential and commercial properties.

For additional information on mold inspection, visit www.learnmoldinspection.com.